99 problems, but IT ain't one.

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IT should be easy

We don’t tend to trust things we don’t understand. Yet we drive cars, because it’s easy to do so and proven to work.

IT should feel the same way. IT should just work.

Still, today’s IT is mostly annoying and prone to failure because it’s often seen as an uncomfortable necessity and strictly divided into areas of competence when it comes to solving problems.

With the current speed of Digitalization, Digital Services and IT will be the most important factor of success for any business. This means it’s time for IT to become easy. IT should be standardized. Security must be default. Availability needs to be supported by automation.

IT should be fun

IT and Digital Services dominate our lives – that’s for sure. They are the backend of our every-day communication and collaboration, be it in private circles or for business.

Still, IT is not the mythical blackbox and annoying necessity anymore it was 10 years ago. Today’s IT can be watched, explored and extended.

Since every technology depends on others, it’s key to implement technologies that also play well with others and scale with our needs, be it by growing with us or not standing in our way when we want to migrate to something better.

IT should work in our favor. IT should grow with our visions. IT should be fun to use and maintain.

IT should be transparent

As said: we don’t tend to trust things we don’t understand.

Yet today’s IT often is a blackbox and „specialist“ thing. It sure is complex and there’s many things to learn, but in times of proprietary software it’s hard to even start to understand.

Every bit of infrastructure or service should have a reason to exist, should be inclusive and easy to integrate, well documented and purpose-built.

IT should provide answers, not raise more questions. Do you even know what „DSGVO compliant“ means? Is there a way for you to prove your IT is secure?

There should be. There can be. 

Hi, we're #Rootless

we're an agile IT company. we're easy, fun and transparent to work with

A short history of IT service

Just Service

Before it all went proprietary and certified, IT service was about using technology to solve people's problems - not the service provider's problems.

When IT was about solving prolems

Software as a Service

No more need for own Application servers. Your old Software is now a Webservice and lives on someone else's server.


Infrastructure as a Service

You don't need servers anymore. You rent a fleet. In the Cloud.


Platform as a Service

SaaS + IaaS = PaaS. Think "Groupware" and forget about Databases, Caching-Servers and Authentification. It's packaged and already set up for you to enjoy.


AI as a Service

Artificial Intelligence on demand. After storing all that Big Data, it's now time to have another machine make assumptions about it. Auto-scaling, of course.


HI as a Service

Back to the #Roots. We're going full hipster and marry Gen-Y Slang with craft that worked for ages - Human Intelligence. As a Service. IT service like it's 1999.


Stuff we care about


We love building complex and stable IT infrastructures. With a strong background in SaaS, we know how to build and maintain an undying infrastructure that just works. 


Security isn't something you just flip on. From Single Client to Global Scale, it's always a generalistic problem that we tackle with our unified security toolchain.


Getting from idea to production is important for any enterprise. We help making it effortless - for Software Development, Manufacturing and Digital Creation.

Data Privacy

Concerned about Big Cloud Providers and Social Networks? We provide Private Cloud Alternatives that make you wonder why you ever questioned Open Source!


Back to the Decentralized Web. We ❤ and support federated apps and distributed systems. It's time to escape the silos and own our Digital Identites.


If it has an API, we can automate it. FaaS-based workflows enable the integration of even the most diverse data-sources and services.


We're still kids, and not only in the inside! We love to play and we love putting enterprise-grade technology to use in Gaming setups. Check our Blog to learn more.

Digital Media

Applying DevOps and modern infrastructure methodology to legacy processes in Digital Media management. Works for Gamers, Streamers and even Tattoo Artists


The best thing that can be done to a problem is not to solve it but to dissolve it. Each problem needs a different approach - and we're ready to tackle it!

Connect with us

Come join us on Twitch, Youtube, Mastodon or Discord. We’re social nerds and love to discuss the things we’re making and breaking with anyone who’s interested.

You can also reach us via good ol‘ e-mail, but expect response times to be higher.

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#Rootcamp is where our trainees document their journey conquering today’s IT landscape. It’s an uncensored and unedited stream of stories they have to tell – the good, the bad and the ugly ones as well. As it’s all about learning, it’s also about getting better in things you love and mastering obstacles along the way. Here they’re tooling around with technologies and ideas – expect the unexpected.